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Select Software Solutions is as a leading provider of Billing and CRM solutions for Telecommunication companies in Australia.   Select Software was formed in 1994 and is privately owned and operated.

Select Software R&D Pty Ltd is committed to the ongoing development of highly specialised Customer Care and Billing software for Telecom providers. Select ’s core product, Selcomm™, is a suite of fully integrated Billing and Customer Care modules, designed to efficiently manage a telecom service provider’s business. The Selcomm™ system caters for all leading telecommunications voice and data products and supports services from all leading telecommunications carriers in Australia.   Selcomm™ comprises of Billing, Customer Care/CRM, Sales and Order Entry and Network Management. 

Select Software Telecommunications Services Pty Ltd provides complete outsourced billing and customer care services via the Selcomm™ Application Service Provision (ASP).  The Selcomm™ ASP is a business model that delivers key operational business support systems for providers of telecommunication services.  The Selcomm™ ASP/bureau from Select Software Telecommunications Services includes remote hosting of the Selcomm™ software product suite, packaged with ongoing services from highly experienced support staff that manage the Telecom Service provider’s key operational processes and IT systems.  The Selcomm™ ASP service is provided to a numerous Telco providers covering a wide spectrum of business models and services

Why consider Select?

Select has significant advantages over competing software products and in-house applications.

·          We have proven, robust systems used by leading service providers for many years

·          We have a low lead time to implementation into production

·          We are cost effective, yet rich in feature ensuring greater business value

·          We deliver what you need and expand with your business as you need it

·          We manage the business integration of your network and financial systems

·          We reduce your ongoing operational costs whilst improving the integrity of your business

·          Our significant telecommunications experience in project management and custom development

·          Our world class products are locally developed and can be customised to meet your needs.


Gavin Nour

Gavin Nour is the Managing Director of Select Software Solutions. He has been in the IT industry since 1984 and has been responsible for developing a wide variety of business critical software applications. He was DP Manager for a leading UK financial organisation based in London, prior to settling in Australia in 1991. In Australia Gavin continued to manage product development for a leading software company, before establishing Select Software Solutions in 1994. Gavin has continued to use his extensive experience to ensure Select Software Solutions represents quality in all aspects of product and service delivery.

During Gavin’s business career he has also had active roles in helping share technical knowledge in the database and telecommunications user community, via non-profit organisations. He was a founding board member of the International Informix User Group, an organisation that grew to over ten thousand members during the period Gavin served on the board. Gavin was re-elected at international conferences (of up to 5000 in the USA) for six consecutive years. He was also the Secretary of the Informix User Group in NSW, Australia for approximately seven years. Gavin Nour has written many newsletter articles and his work has been published by SAMS/McMillan Publishing ("Informix Unleashed"), international magazines and Informix Software's technical journals on database subjects and quality control. Gavin is also a committee member of the Telecommunications Society of Australia.


Gordon Gielis
Gordon Gielis is a Director of Select Software Solutions Pty Ltd. He has over 18 years experience in IT in a wide variety of industries.

Gordon Gielis is the President of the Informix User Group in NSW, Australia and his work has been published by SAMS/McMillan Publishing ("Informix Unleashed").

For the last seven years Gordon has concentrated on the telecommunications industry specialising in Order Entry, Provisioning, Customer Care and Billing applications.


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