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Telecom Billing and CRM - Application Service Provision  (ASP)

From Select Software Telecommunications Services Pty Ltd


The Selcomm™ Application Service Provision (ASP) is an outsourced business model that delivers operational Business Support Systems for providers of telecommunication services.The Selcomm™ ASP is a cost effective mix of solutions that include “world class” Telco Support Software (Select Software’s proprietary Selcomm™ Customer Care and Billing system) packaged with support staff to manage the Telecom Service provider’s key operational processes and IT systems. In addition the ASP/Telecom bureau service includes secure data centre facilities, IT server hardware and associated third party software.Outsourcing the Telco billing and associated services via the Selcomm ASP is a highly cost effective and efficient alternative, giving the Telecom SP the opportunity to focus on the marketing, sales and support for the provision of telecommunication services.


Who should use the Selcomm™ Telco Billing and CRM ASP / bureau?

The Selcomm™ Billing and Customer Care solution is suitable for any Telecommunications Service Provider (SP) from a reseller through to a provider of the carriage of the service itself.  The Selcomm™ ASP/bureau has proven to be the preferred choice for Telco Service Providers having been adopted by a vast variety of businesses, from those just starting in the industry, to businesses that have been operating for many years, from small niche market operators, to operators with large volume high transaction requirements (such as carriers) and from retailers to wholesalers.

The Selcomm ASP model takes away traditionally expensive financial barriers to entry for start-up businesses by providing a cost structure that scales with a growing business yet still provides access to “world class”, robust and feature rich systems.

As a guide, a Telco Service Provider should consider the following criteria in making the decision to outsource billing and customer care systems using this model:

·        Speed to Market: the Selcomm™ ASP already has the equipment, applications and expertise ready to provide rapid market access.

·        Operational Freedom: the Selcomm™ ASP inherits the task of application management, allowing the SP to focus critical resources on their core business function.

·        Improved Performance: the Selcomm™ ASP can apply its vast experience to implement best practices for superior levels of scalability, availability, security, backup, disaster recovery, and most importantly delivery of telecommunications services.

·        Financial Flexibility: the Selcomm™ ASP reduces fixed costs and lowers overall capitalisation expenditures for hardware, applications and management.

·        Reduced Risk: with no capital expenditure on software, hardware, and IT personnel, the service provider has the opportunity to implement new technology or business models with minimal impact to their existing environment and the bottom line.


What is included in the Selcomm ASP?

Essentially the Telco SP is provided with all the key business support applications required to operate a telecommunications business along with associated services (processing of service transactions, bill production, and payments) and outsourced hardware infrastructure and management services.

Telco Billing, CRM and provisioning software included:

·        Selcomm™ Customer Care Application

·        Selcomm™ Rating, Tariffing and Discounting Application

·        Selcomm™ Billing Application

·        Selcomm™ Network Integration Application


Outsourced Telco Billing Services included:

·        Selcomm™ Implementation Service

·        Selcomm™ Bill Run Service

·        Selcomm™ Transaction Processing Service

·        Selcomm™ Debit Run Service for payment processing

·        Selcomm™ Tariff and Package Maintenance Service

·        Selcomm™ Data Centre, Server & Maintenance Support service


Hardware Infrastructure included:

·        Highly scalable hardware, for performance, redundancy and robustness

·        Servers that will scale as your business grows

·        IT services to manage and maintain servers


Optionally, the SP may include the following applications:

·        Selcomm™ SelfCare Application

·       Selcomm™ Sales and Order Entry Administration Application


What Types of Telecommunication Services are supported?

Select Software Telecommunication Services supports the vast majority of telecommunications services available in the market today, by utilising Select’s Selcomm™ Customer Care and Billing applications.  These telecommunication service types include:

·        Fixed line voice

·        Wireless/Mobile (GSM, CDMA, Satellite and others)

·        Voice over IP (VoIP)

·        Data (dialup, DSL, broadband)

·        Video over IP teleconferencing) and many more


Which Carriers are supported?

Select supports billing and provisioning for all major carriers of services in the Australian Telecommunications Industry, including but not limited to; AAPT, Comindico, GlobalStar, Iridium, MCI, Optus, Powertel, RSLCOM, Telstra and Vodafone.


Why consider Select’s Telco Billing ASP?
 Select Software has significant advantages over competing software products and in-house applications.

·        We have proven, robust systems used by leading service providers for many years

·        We have a low lead time to implementation into production

·        We are cost effective, yet rich in feature ensuring greater business value

·        We deliver what you need and expand with your business as you need it

·        We manage the business integration of your network and financial systems

·        We reduce your ongoing operational costs whilst improving the integrity of your business

·        Our significant telecommunications experience in project management and custom development

·        Our world class products are locally developed and can be customised to meet your needs


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